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Welcome to Divyashakti Steel - We are D2 steel Supplier, D3 steel Supplier, OHNS steel Supplier, Case hardening steel Supplier, Spring steel Supplier, EN series steel Supplier, Alloy Steel Supplier in Pune

Divyashakti Steel laid its foundation stone almost before two decade under the able guidelines of our mentor Late Shri Gulabchand G. Gandhi wo extended his branches of experience to Mr.Ajaykumar G. Gandhi who found M/s Divyashakti steel in 2008

We take honour in introducing ourselves as one of the leading ,trusted and reliable companies in metal and steel market. We are engaged in stocking and supplying ferrous and non-ferrous metal

Avaibility in different grades like D2 steel, D3 steel, OHNS steel, Case hardening steel, Spring steel, EN series steel etc. Product undergo several test to ensure optimum quality


Cold work tool Steel- AISI, D2, D3 (WPS),O1(OHNS)

Plastic mould Steel- DIN 1.2311(P20)


Hot work tool STEEL- AISI H-11, H-13(HDS), DB-6

Spring steel-En-42-J, C-80, EN-47

Case hardening steel - 20MnCr5, 16MnCr5, SAE-8620, EN-353, EN-35

D2 - High efficiency cutting tools (dies and punches), blanking tools, woodworking tools, shear blades for cutting thin material, thread rolling dies, drawing, deep drawing, and extrusion tools, pressing tools for the ceramics and pharmaceutical industries, cold rolls for multiple roller stands, gauges and plastic moulds

D3 - Grade with excellent toughness a dppssibility of bath nitriding.Similar applications as D3 but where better efficiency and toughness is needed

P20+Ni - large plastic moulds with deep engravings and intensive impacts on the core.THYROPLAST 1.2738 is the logical and further devolopement of THYRPPLAST 1.2311 prehardened plastic mould steel used in large moulds as these must also display high core strength. The additional nickel content of 1℅ increases the through hardeniblity. THYROPLAST 2738 is a micro alloyed vaccum degassed steel with good macheniblity, outstanding polishablity ,good texturing properties

OHNS) - Cold work tool steel. Very high resistance to cracking. High machinability, mefim toughened and resistance to wear.Dimensional stability at heat treatment.Working tools,cutting blades, sizing and stamping tools

H13 - High hot wear resistance high hot tensile and toughness good thermal conductivity and insusceptibility to hot cracking can be water cold to a unlimited extent hot water Tool Steel for Universal use.Pressure casting dies and metal extrusion tools for prosesing light material

Case hardening steel - We supply 16/20MnCr5, SAE-8620, EN-353, EN-36

En-36B is used in components with large cross section required high toughness and score strength such as gears, crane shafts and heavy duty gearshafts in aircrafts and truck s construction and mechanical engineering

SAE-8620 Gear, Pinions, Lay shafts, Camshtifts. Mining haulage suspension. Lifting gears.

Spring Steel Sheet EN-42-J In annealed condition and hardened and tempered condition - Variety of multi leaf spring for automobile, Belleville washers etc.

EN series - Applications

EN-8 automobile axle beams connecting rods, light stressed gears. Generally used for moderately streeesed parts of motor vehicle and general engineering works

EN-9 - Crank shafts, Cylinder, Gears, sprockets. Mainly used in machine parts which require moderate wear resistance

En24 aircraft and heavy vehicle crankshafts. Connecting rods, Gear shift change parts clutch is propeller shafts camshafts Splendor screws studs pioneers tabs boring bars pretendEn24 aircraft and heavy vehicle crankshafts connecting rods gear shift change parts clutch is propeller shafts camshafts Splendor screws studs pioneers tabs boring bars pretend prefer to be

En31 ball and roller bearings spinning tools dot building rules punches and dies. By its character this type of steel has high resisting nature against wear and can be used for components which are subjected to severe abrasion, wear or high surface loading

EN-36 -Disc wheels - Grooved shafts, Cams, gears, heavy duty gears for aircrafts.Heavy vehicle and transmission parts. General engineering works,Universal joints. Mainly used for highly stressed machine parts intended for cementation with high strength and core toughness

We have comfortable stock level of various quality steel at any give time to cater total requirements of our valued clients. We believe in maintaining everlasting relationship with our clients by providing quality steel product and services. Further we maintain stringent quality control measures at each stage of our product to ensure client satisfaction

Our constant communication with our customer has helped us to know the on going needs and we try our best to stand on their demands.So all you need is to get in touch with us to get all solution for alloy steel, die steel, tool steel etc under one roof.

"We stand for quality not for competition"

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D2 steel Supplier in Pune and D3 steel Supplier in Pune

  • Die & Tooling Industry
  • Gears Manufacturers
  • Automobile Industry
  • Auto Parts Industry
  • Gauges Manufacturers
  • Jigs and Fixtures Manufacturers
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